Real World Lessons

These lessons are a wonderful way for clients looking to get hands on time with a professional trainer. This program focuses on giving owners the skills to work with their dog on their own. These are great for owners looking to address one specific issue.

Package of 4: $650


Our Real World Lessons are completely customizable. They can take place at any point in the training timeline to ensure that the owner is confident that they possess all of the skills and tools they need to succeed with their dog in the real world. Privates can also take place anywhere in the Reno community because our trainers are not confined to a facility. This can include: at a park, downtown, on a hike, in Home Depot, at the Sparks Marina and so much more. Ideal Canine aspires to give owners the confidence in their dog to be able to walk into any given situation without any problems.  

Who Qualifies?

-Dogs without major behavioral problems. 

-People within the Reno/Sparks area or people who are willing to travel here.

-People that have time to practice with their dog before the next lesson. (This service requires a good amount of homework)


*Please familiarize yourself with our training methods and tools. Click here to learn more!