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Rehab Retreat

Our retreat is what we would suggest for every dog. This is also our most popular service.

 The more time we can spend on your dog's training the better habits they will form. This program is geared toward all dogs with any behavioral issue. Such as: anxiety, fear, leash reactivity, dog or human aggression, food or toy possession, excessive barking, and basic manners.

This service is intended for dogs to stay anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks with no price increase if the extra time is needed.

Skills your dog will work on:

Crate training.

Muzzle conditioning.

Hand feeding.

On & off leash obedience.

Real world exposure.

Socialization with other dogs, people, objects, sounds, and much more.

Handling and grooming.

Intensive behavior modification.

As well as any other special requests.


$20 Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

$180 Mini Educator E-Collar 

$20 Leather leash

$30 Long-line

$50 Place board

$20 Treat pouch

As well as:

Mid sessions

An intensive go-home session

Access to boarding and FREE pack walks

42 - 56 Day Rehab Retreat

Investment: $5900

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Reno, Nevada

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