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About Ideal Canine 

Looking for Reno's Best Dog Training Company? Look no further. We won "Best of Reno Dog Trainer 2021 & 2022" by the Reno Gazette Journal.


Founded in 2017, Ideal Canine provides your dog the training it deserves. With a combination of real world training, obedience, and behavior modification, Ideal Canine can help any dog. 

We set every dog up for success by providing customized programs in a home environment. Our ultimate goal is to create a stronger and healthier bond between you and your dog. 

The Ideal Canine Difference

What separates us from other trainers?

In-Home Board & Trains
We firmly believe that in order to truly improve your dog, we as trainers must first earn your dog's trust. The fastest way to do so is to invite your dog to stay in the comfort of our home. This also gives us the opportunity to work on your dog's house manners.
The Ideal Canine Family
Once you have gone through one of our programs, you are considered family. 
We understand that it takes a lot of work to keep up on the training so we are here to help every step of the way. Check out our Unique Client Benefits.
 Real World Training 
An 'Ideal Canine' is defined by their ability to succeed in any given environment. During training, your dog will be exposed to a plethora of different training environments. Such as: the Sparks Marina, Home Depot, Scheels, hiking trails, neighborhood distractions, local parks, and so many more!

Unique Services:

Client Testimonials

Just some love from the clients that make this all possible.

We just got our Jaxx from Bailey this week... all we can say is WOW.. literally!! We are so blown away by the changes in Jaxx. He went to Ideal Canine with some reactivity issues and needed an overall manner adjustment. I swear the dog we got back is not the same one we brought! Jaxx is so much happier and confident, he really is a new dog. Bailey made the whole process very easy, sent updated and photos frequently so we could keep up on his progress. During the mid-session training, she showed us all of the new tools we'd be using and sent us videos of everything in case we needed refreshers. The go home session was awesome and so helpful! I feel 100% confident taking Jaxx home that we'd be able to continue the training that Bailey has laid the foundation for. 100/10, would absolutely recommend!


Bailey is amazing. Truly, truly amazing. From the very beginning she was so kind, so understanding, and so very professional with us as we discussed our situation with a puppy we had found in a box. If I’m being honest, our initial conversation was the one that made up my mind on choosing Ideal Canine over some of the other training companies in Reno. She’s THAT good.

She has taught us all so much about how to handle our puppy (and ourselves for that matter) when it comes to those mischievous puppy behaviors.

I cannot thank Bailey enough for the way she has changed our lives at home with our puppy!



I'm writing this as our once hyper, manner less, and wild puppy is in a down at my feet, calmly relaxing with us! We looked into a few options for Board and Train in Reno and decided to book with Bailey. It was apparent when we met her that she was passionate about her business, super knowledgeable and very professional. We initially had concerns about leaving Cash for 21 days in a new, structured environment and concerns about using an e-coller. Bailey reassured us that Cash's fun loving personality would not change after and she was right. She answered all of our questions when we called and we LOVED seeing the videos of his progress and all the updates she posted not only about Cash but all the great training tips. After 21 days, Cash is still the fun loving puppy he was when he left however, he now listens when told to do something and we can take walks without him flipping out of the leash. The time, energy and love Bailey put into Cash is obvious and she has created a calm and fun relationship for us with Cash. Our goal is to have a polite dog we can take anywhere, we feel like Bailey has given us the tools to continue our training ;and are confident we will have the ability to do this. We look forward to all the off leash hiking and outings we can now enjoy with him. Reach out to her, it was worth the investment!

JJ Buck

We sent our almost 2yr old American Bully to her to build an overall foundation, and teach Kiba to co-exist with other dogs and people. He struggled with meeting new people, being around other dogs, settling down, and pulling on the leash. We also wanted a reliable recall as we hike/trail often. Right before we sent Kiba to his 6 week board and train, he was attacked by an off-leash husky and ever since, it has really set Kiba off anytime he is around other huskies/husky type dogs. He was extremely triggered and uncomfortable around them, no matter the distance. He was a strong puller on the leash and would make his eyes red/make himself cough. Bailey not only put in a ton of work for Kiba to become the best version of himself, but she also trained myself and my boyfriend to work and advocate for Kiba’s nervousness. We can now walk passed people and other dogs without an explosive reaction, he walks in a heel, recalls when called, and can stay on his place during everyday activities. I truly cannot say enough good things about Bailey and her dedication to not only Kiba, but all the dogs that come to her. I am extremely grateful for her and her commitment to Kiba’s training for the rest of his life.

Azelia Hernandez

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