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About Ideal Canine 

Looking for Reno's Best Dog Training? Look no further. We won "Best of Reno Dog Trainer 2021 & 2022" by the Reno Gazette Journal.


Founded in 2017, Ideal Canine provides your dog the training it deserves. With a combination of real world training, obedience, and behavior modification, Ideal Canine can help any dog. 

We set every dog up for success by providing customized programs in a home environment. Our ultimate goal is to create a stronger and healthier bond between you and your dog. 

Meet the Owner & Founder

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Client Testimonials

Just some love from the clients that make this all possible.

I highly recommend Ideal Canine! My dog is remarkably better with her commands, leash manners, and interacting with other dogs than she was prior to her training with I.C. Her off leash skills have greatly improved as well. I brought my dog to Ideal Canine in Reno from our home in San Francisco, and it was totally worth it! We are both very happy with the results.

-Matthew B.


Bailey is amazing. Truly, truly amazing. From the very beginning she was so kind, so understanding, and so very professional with us as we discussed our situation with a puppy we had found in a box. If I’m being honest, our initial conversation was the one that made up my mind on choosing Ideal Canine over some of the other training companies in Reno. She’s THAT good.

She has taught us all so much about how to handle our puppy (and ourselves for that matter) when it comes to those mischievous puppy behaviors.

I cannot thank Bailey enough for the way she has changed our lives at home with our puppy!

-Sarah L.


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Faith returned home yesterday from her board & train at Ideal Canine and our only regret is not taking her sooner.

-We can now reach for a leash or our car keys without a major frenzy ensuing.

-She will now heel without even being on a leash.

-She immediately lays down & relaxes during car rides instead of frantically circling & barking with anticipation

-At home we can enjoy peace & quiet again without the constant interruption of barking at EVERY little noise.

-Someone can talk to us at our car window & approach our vehicle now without her losing it barking incessantly at them in protective mode.

In addition to all the training, Bailey would post tons of videos and pictures of Faith showing the things they were working on which made being away from her easier.

The list goes on and on and this is just day 2 of having her back home. She will only continue to get better at all of her new skills and it is all possible because of Bailey Lissner at Ideal Canine! We couldn't be happier! If you or anyone you know is looking for an amazing dog trainer we highly recommend talking to Bailey!

-Allison M.

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