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Board & Trains:

Working through behavioral problems on dogs is much like working through detox with people; it takes time to actually stop the bad behaviors and build new, good, ones. 

We set dogs up for success by first building a solid foundation and relationship. We can then put the dog into difficult situations and work him/her through it. At the end of each training day, your dog will stay with us in the comfort of our home.

Puppy Camp

Our 14 day camp is geared toward dogs between the ages of 5-10 months old that don't have any behavioral problems. *On leash training only.*

Stay & Train

This 21 day stay is perfect for dogs that need some manners, real world skills, off-leash reliability, and help overcoming mild behavioral problems.

Rehab Retreat

Our 42 - 56 day retreat is the best option for dogs with severe behavioral problems, high anxiety or extreme fearfulness. This service is the most popular.

Why Choose A Board & Train?

- Faster Results: your dog is being trained by a professional multiple times a day.

- We have the time: many people work full-time and don't have time to spend hours training their dog everyday. 

- Less stressful for you: a lot of foundational work is very tedious and takes many repetitions. 

Why Choose OUR Board & Train?

- In home: your dog will stay with us and be included into our pack.

- One-on-one training: we only take up to 5 board & trains at a time to ensure your dog is getting the time it deserves.

- Real world training: because we don't have a facility, all board and trains are trained in real life experiences and are included into our everyday lives.