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Reno, Nevada


(775) 813-8699

About Us

 Ideal Canine exists with the purpose of creating healthy and trusting relationships between owners and their dogs. We utilize real life experiences to prepare your dog for any situation. 

 We are open-minded about different training techniques and tools. With that being said, we are not a "one size fits all" training company. We will most likely try different "tools" until we find one that works best for that particular dog and their owner. 

Please familiarize yourself with our tools and methods to make sure we're the right fit for you and your dog. 

Some of the training tools we might use on your dog: Slip Lead, Figure 8, Prong Collar, E-collar, Muzzle (if needed for safety reasons), treats, etc. Not all dogs can be fixed with one method or tool.  All tools are used safely and humanely. Click here for more information on these tools. 

Bailey Lissner, Owner & Founder

Bailey brings 10 years of experience in rescue, rehabilitation and behavior modification to Ideal Canine. Bailey started by volunteering for 7 years and thousands of hours at the Nevada Humane Society and S.P.C.A. These experiences are what led Bailey to develop a passion for fostering and training the dogs who did not thrive in shelter environments in order to increase their chances at getting adopted. Pit Bulls quickly became a huge part of Bailey’s life because they are one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world. She currently owns three Pit Bulls, Lola, Luna, and Tuxedo that she rescued.


Bailey's Qualifications:

- Certified as a Master Trainer at National K9 in Columbus, Ohio with certifications in: basic, advanced, and off-leash obedience. As well as tracking and trailing, search and rescue, personal protection, scent detection, and puppy foundation.

- Experience working as a dog-caregiver at C.R.C.S., a night-shift manager at On Command, and as Supervisor and Lead Trainer at K9 Games Reno.

- Seminars attended: 

Understanding K9 Behavior With Blake Rodriguez  & Tyler Muto in 2017.

Lucas Agnew Workshop: Raw Intuitive Talent – The Missing Link in 2017.

Stopping Unwanted Behaviors Dog Training Seminar with Jeff Gellman in 2019

Bailey strongly believes that every dog learns differently and needs to be treated as such, therefore she will always continue learning more by attending as many seminars and workshops as possible.