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3 Week Puppy Camp

 This program is intended for dogs between the ages of 6-12 months OR super easy going dogs with no major issues.

With this length of time, we can really get to know your dog and create a solid on and off-leash foundation. This allows us to teach them a new way of life without pushing them too fast. 

Skills your dog will work on:

Crate training.

Hand feeding.

On & off leash obedience.

Real world exposure.

Socialization with other dogs, people, objects, sounds, and much more.

Handling and grooming.

Mild behavior modification.

As well as any other special requests.


All training tools, mid sessions, and an extensive go-home session. 

As long as the training is upkept once your dog comes home, you also have access to our client benefits. 

Investment: $2950

Who Qualifies:

This program is only available to dogs with no major issues (reactivity, separation anxiety, dog or human aggression, etc). 

Behaviors like jumping, chewing, not listening, etc. are totally fine.