The Puppy

Foundation Package

Our puppy foundation package is ideal for clients who have brand new puppies and are looking to be proactive about their dog’s behavior. This service is only available to puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks. Sessions will include necessary skills like potty training, crate training, handling and grooming, beginning to shape obedience and leash manners, appropriate outlets of exercise, how to stop behaviors like mouthing and chewing, as well as socialization with other dogs, people, objects, sounds, and much more. 

Skills your puppy will work on:

Potty training
Crate training
Handling and grooming
Shaping obedience
Basic leash manners
Appropriate outlets of exercise
Avoiding behaviors like mouthing and chewing
Socialization with other dogs, people, objects,     sounds, and much more.

The special thing about this service is that you and your puppy will get one-on-one time with our trainers for the ENTIRE hour long session. This means you don’t have to share time with other owners and puppies and all of our efforts can be directed at helping you with exactly what you need. This feature allows complete customization. In addition, all of our lessons take place in-home to accommodate for your puppy’s vaccination waiting period.

*Please familiarize yourself with our training methods and tools. Click here to learn more!

Package: 4 1-hour lessons: $260