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Isn’t that what we want most from our dogs?

Whether it be a simple command or a life saving recall, we need our dogs to focus on us. Why would they do that if they have endless access to food and/or affection? So how do you get your dog to focus? Make them work for their rewards! Just like earning a paycheck.


-Feed your dog his daily meals out of your hand while asking him to perform commands.

-Avoid petting your dog when he is doing something you don't like. I know that probably sounds like a "DUH" but most people unintentionally pet their dog during nerve racking situations.

-Don't allow your dog to have free roam of your house, couch, and bed all day. Instead crate your dog or section him off to one area so he knows that in order to earn freedoms he has to listen to you. Unfortunately there’s no magic pill, but I guarantee that you will have a stronger relationship with your dog if you make these simple changes.

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