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What’s my why?

During college classes, seminars, and business groups this question is often brought up. WHY do you want to be a business owner? WHY are you different than your competitors? WHY do you have a passion for this? I always over thought this question thinking that I had to have some extravagant answer. At the end of the day, my “why” is simple! You’re looking at her. This is my dog, Lola. I rescued her from death row 11 years ago. Shortly after, she got attacked by another dog and ended up becoming severely dog aggressive. I ended up taking her to other dog trainers and much to my surprise, most of them told me to euthanize her. Other dog professionals claimed that I just needed to manage the problem and not take her around other dogs for the rest of her life. I wasn’t going to give up on my dog and I certainly didn't want her to live a life of solitary confinement. I knew she was capable of enjoying being around other dogs again.

I decided to pursuit dog training because of Lola. She’s the reason I am who I am today. She’s the reason I love Pit Bulls. She’s my "why?". P.S. she helps me rehabilitate other dogs on a daily basis and now is living her best life. ❤️

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